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We've partnered with the top providers of CX technology to help you create support strategies that deliver scalable growth and amazing experiences for customers and team members.​

What our Ada Support partnership means 🤔

The Koda team have been fully trained and certified as Ada Partners. We specialise in setting up and optimising brand interaction platforms for Ada. We know Ada's product inside out (including strengths and limitations!). We're here to demystify the sales process and help you decide whether Ada is the best fit for your company’s automation needs.

Ada Support overview

Ada is the brand interaction platform that bridges the divide between you and the people who are trying to talk to you. Ada’s is an automated CX company that provides chat bots used in customer support. With Ada, you can purposefully automate conversations with each customer and employee, saving costs and growing revenue without betraying the brand you promised to be. Founded in 2016, Ada is headquartered in Toronto. Ada has automated 2.6+ billion brand interactions around the world. 🌏


Eliminate long wait times with instant support

Provide instant support 24/7, in any language, and on any channel with Ada for customer service. No need to extend customer support hours or add new agents.

Request a demo

Let's chat! Book in a free consultation to discuss your requirements further. 

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