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Build your new Shopify website

As Shopify Partners, we can:

  • create your new Shopify site

  • optimise your existing Shopify site

  • migrate your existing website to Shopify

  • train you on how to make the most out of Shopify


Is Shopify right for you? 🤔

We’re committed to implementing a new Shopify store when it’s right for your business and your team. 


With multiple implementation and optimisation projects in our portfolio, we’re well aware of every feature, benefit and even limitation. 


We’ll learn your business, your processes, your marketing / revenue generation objectives and use our expertise to help you establish an e-commerce platform for your brand that you would be proud of.

As users of Shopify, we've been through the learning curve, we know the features, processes and integrations that could help take your business to the next level.

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Clean, high-performance design

Koda focuses on simple, easy to maintain design elements that make every site look professional and perform great

CX first, clean designs that drive conversion 💸

Soul Drifter Guitars 🎸


Floral Ink 🌼

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