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Why focus on support?

Nowadays, it’s widely recognised that customer support can help bring in new business, boost retention, and increase sales from your existing customer base. Customer support is a powerful, profit-generating force in its own right.

​Key Stats*

  • 93% of customers will spend more with companies that offer their preferred option to reach customer service (ex: chat)

  • 90% of customers will spend more if companies personalise the support they offer

  • 92% of customer will spend more if they don’t need to repeat information during support interactions


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*All stats obtained directly from Zendesk CX Trends 2022 Report

But, when we look at what companies are prioritising, we still find that customer support is often overlooked. 


Would you prioritise investment in customer support over say... risk, legal, technology etc? To answer that question, you have to think about what investment in customer support means to your business and how you can maximise it so you can do "all of the above".


Working with Koda makes that investment decision easier. 


We focus on low-cost investments and initiatives that you can prioritise early on. We give your support team a voice, putting them at the centre of projects to drive the team's motivation to deliver great customer outcomes. 


Our services

We offer a variety of packages that help to boost your customer support function. From building entire teams from scratch to uplifting capabilities in a very targeted way, the Koda team can help at all stages of the support journey.

Our approach:

  • We blend in with your team, learn their job inside and out, and involve them every step of the way.

  • Our solutions are tailored to your company. Our game plan is developed based on your starting point and objectives.

  • We build strong teams. Authentic relationships and team development are at the heart of our approach, helping your agents become experts in their fields. 

  • We believe support is not just about handling tickets. We advance your culture by creating an environment where everyone is driven to make customer interactions meaningful and engaging.

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