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We've partnered with the top providers of CX technology to help you create support strategies that deliver scalable growth and amazing experiences for customers and team members.​

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Deciding which Help Desk is best for you...

For starters, what we mean by “Help Desk” is software that organises customer communication, often via a ticketing system, to help you respond to enquiries quickly and effectively. As well as “Help Desk”, they can be referred to as lots of different names (CX platform, Customer Support Software, ticketing software, CX partner etc.). 


There are lots of resources out there designed to help you decide which Help Desk software is the best. You’ll see lots of articles like “Zendesk Vs. Freshdesk comparison”, “Why Intercom is for you”, and “Here’s why Freshdesk is better”. 


We read a whole lot of them and we came across a common theme. 

There’s often an ulterior motive


The provider of the information is always either someone who’s partnered with the sole Help Desk they’re promoting or it’s native content from the Help Desk provider themselves. Either way, the author’s motive is to sell their product. It’s understandable, but it makes us inherently distrust the information we’re reading, making the process of finding the right Help Desk repetitive and over-complicated.


Secondly, the recommendation content is general and not tailored towards your business. And, honestly, there simply isn't one Help Desk that’s always superior. Different Help Desk suit different businesses for a variety of reasons.

We’re here to demystify the process (for free)


Our solution is to simplify the Help Desk decision process from start to finish. The Koda team have an expert, but objective, perspective on the top 3 Help Desk providers (Zendesk, Freshdesk and Intercom). 

How? Because we’re partners with all 3. This means that we know each one inside out. And we tailor our recommendation specifically to your objectives. 


Book a free consultation with us

During the consultation, we'll go into specifics of which platform meets each one of your requirements, so you can make the best decision.


This call is purely focussed on info-gathering and isn’t a sales pitch / us asking you to sign on a dotted line. 

Let's get started...
Let's get started! Just click on the chat widget below and select Help Desk Assessment.png
Click on the chat widget below and select "Help Desk Assessment"...
Book a free consultation...

It's a mutually beneficial process

If you do go for our recommendation, we can help set up a call with the helpdesk of your choice. 


What do we get out of it? We get a bonus for referrals (which doesn’t cost you anything more) but, ultimately, we want to support you in finding the best Help Desk for your business.


It’s a win win. It pays for us to set up long-standing Help Desk x client relationships! And we care about our clients providing high-quality support to their customers and creating branding advocates (it’s a key part of our mission at Koda). 


Overall, we love that we can provide our expertise for free and offer a service that’s unique in, what’s typically, a very biased and overly saturated space.

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