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We've partnered with the top providers of CX technology to help you create support strategies that deliver scalable growth and amazing experiences for customers and team members.​

What our Freshworks partnership means 🤔

The Koda team have been fully trained and certified as Freshworks Solution and Referral partners. We know Freshworks' products inside out (including strengths and limitations!). We're here to de-mystify the sales process and help you weigh up whether Freshworks is right for you. 

As Solution partners, we're also trained to help with implementation, integration of custom solutions, and provide ongoing customer support.

Freshworks overview

Founded in 2010, Freshworks' mission is to make it refreshingly easy to delight your customers and employees. Headquartered in San Mateo (USA), Freshworks' 4000+ employees work in offices all over the world, supporting over 250k customers of all sizes across 135 countries.


Seamless omnichannel support


Freshdesk support desk, Freshcaller and Freshchat are native Freshworks products, creating a complete solution in one unified platform. Freshchat integrates a blend of conversational experiences including live-chat, web, mobile and contact center support. Freshcaller offers a 360-degree customer view.

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