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Implement / optimise your Help Desk

Koda has partnered with the top Help Desk software providers to ensure we give you the best advice and skills to optimise your setup.


As Implementation Partners to Zendesk, Freshworks and Intercom, we can:

  • help you decide which platform is right for you

  • implement your new Help Desk instance

  • optimise your existing instance

  • perform specific enhancements 

Which Help Desk is right for you? 🤔

We’re committed to implementing the right software for your business and your team. 


With multiple implementation and optimisation projects in our portfolio, we’re well aware of every feature, benefit and even limitation of each Help Desk.

Book a free consultation...

We’ll learn your business, your processes, your support objectives and use our expertise to help you weigh up the pros and cons of various platforms to determine the best solution for you. 

Implement - new to your Help Desk software 🎨

A blank canvas is a great opportunity to get it right from the start. 

Working with a certified partner to implement your new instance, you’re guaranteed to incorporate efficiencies gained from years of experience enabling support teams. 

And we don’t just build something that works for now - we carefully customise your set-up to put you in the best position for scalable growth, ensuring your team follow best practices along the way.

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Set up the basics

  • Integrate new or existing support channels. Chat, Phone, Messaging, Social… all available on day one.

  • Build custom apps. Including crucial links between customer communication and their account information.

  • Groups. Setup your teams, their workflow and how they interact with each other and with non-Help Desk users outside of the support team.

  • Triggers and automations. Only utilise your team for tasks that require their expertise. Leave the rest to your new software.

Optimise - leverage what your Help Desk has to offer ⭐️

Not getting the most out of your current set-up?


As part of the optimisation process, we’ll dive into what you’d like your support to look like and work with you to reflect that in your set-up. We’ll also point out further opportunities we find for streamlining, boosting efficiency and scaling for growth.

We use a structured approach towards understanding your current support strategy and discovering what’s next, presenting you with best practices and ideas for improvements along the way - conducting discovery sessions, documenting your requirements, and making sure you're in the loop every step of the way.

Perform specific enhancements 🛠

Perhaps you know what you want your Help Desk instance to offer but aren’t quite sure the best way to execute it. Attempting to change one thing on your platform often affects other rules and configurations that exist, which can end up disrupting your operation. 

This is where the Koda team can help! As Implementation Partners, we know Zendesk, Freshdesk and Intercom inside out. We’ll analyse your current rules and ensure changes are executed in a way that's seamless for your customers and your team. We’ll track and document changes as we go, so you and your team can stay in the loop.

Each optimisation project is hyper-personalised. We tailor our approach to your preferences - you can send us a list of things to do, or we can make recommendations to help you discover your plan.

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