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Fine-tune your hiring strategy

Creating great customer support experiences with consistency requires you to navigate a complex ecosystem of disciplines.

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Picking the right team members is a great start. But what are you asking them to do? How are you supporting them when things go wrong? What tools and resources are you giving them to make the most out of interactions with customers? How are you keeping an eye on things? 😱

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Koda helps organise the customer support ecosystem given your objectives. We build a plan and execute, leaving you with a team that is poised for continuous improvement.

We'll take care of everything, from finding your new team members to making sure they have the best possible procedures to support your products. 

We'll look at every aspect of building a high performing team:

Voice and Identity

First things first, we create a support identity based on your brand that your team can anchor to.

CX Software

We’ll help configure and optimise your chosen customer support software, enabling a true omni-channel setup and unlocking opportunities to drive efficiency.

Quality Assurance

We help you drive consistency by measuring your team’s adherence to your procedures.


We help you attract and identify great team members for your support team.


We create written content and find easy, relevant ways to present it to your customers (including bots, help centre articles etc.)

Outsource Partners

We help you determine if outsourcing is right for you, find your ideal outsourcing partner and set them up for success.


We build training experiences that create team engagement and mirror the support experience you want to create for your customers.


We help you find the best way to measure and action your customer satisfaction feedback.

Team Development

We'll make sure your team is setup for long term success by embedding coaching and development practices that drive engagement and results.


We can help ensure your support channels are covered in a way that you give your team the flexibility it


We optimise and document your customer support procedures.

...and more.

Our plans are 100% tailored to your objectives.

Case Study:

Build your support team


Openmarkets is one of Australia’s largest retail brokers, clearing more than $50 billion in trades annually across more than 200,000 accounts. Much more than that, we provide a full range of white-labelled technology solutions across onboarding, order management, managed accounts, risk management, client management and advice. 

Starting point

When the Koda team arrived at Openmarkets, the support function was blended with the back-end operations team. Most customers contacted the team via phone or email. Processes required forms, wet signatures etc. resulting in unnecessary back and forth and poor experiences, even for high value customers. Self-service content lacked important details and was written from an internal employee perspective. All in all, there was little sense of an identity across the support function.

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What Happened?

Fast-forward 60 days and the company had a brand new support team to lean on. Koda recruited a talented group and built an experiential onboaring experience to set the tone for brilliant customer experiences. Before the team arrived, all processes had been documented, all self-service content had been rewritten and new metrics were ready to go. Koda worked with Zendesk to optimise processes and launch chat and phone in an omni-channel setup. Koda launched a CSAT program using Medalia's award-winning Stella Connect software.

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Results at a Glance
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In Their Words

“To Ricardo, Annabelle and Lauren, thank you for staying a bit longer with us and enjoying their usual comfortable habitat of a warzone. Well done on fielding record volumes of traders coming through through a new channel – CHAT!”

CEO, Openmarkets Group

“This has been the single-best onboarding process I have ever gone through. You guys have made it so seamless and simple, and are always so supportive and generous with your time”
Team Lead, Openmarkets Group

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